Welcome to Moulton
Sixth Form

To Parents of Year 11 Pupils

Dear Year 11 Parents/Guardians,

This year we have published our welcome pack online as a result of the Government lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. The welcome pack of documents would have traditionally been completed on results day. We've chosen to publish these documents and forms online in an effort to get you the information you need faster, with the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint. Like many other schools, we opted to move away from paper-based over to electronic because it's what our parents/guardians wanted and this ensures the messages were getting home reliably.

On our Sixth Form portal you will find all the necessary letters containing details about our dress code, phone policy and other important information. As soon as possible after you have received your results and letter regarding entry into Moulton Sixth Form, you will need to complete the online enrolment forms.

There are also copies of our parent and pupil acceptable use policies for the internet. Parents/Guardians and students must complete these forms to confirm you have both agreed to the terms outlined within them. Please do not complete these forms until you know your son/daughter has secured a place in the Sixth Form.

The Autumn Term is due to start on Thursday 3rd September. We are inviting Year 12 only, into the Sixth Form on this date to offer some transition time for them. During this day they will have the opportunity to spend some time with their tutor and familiarise themselves with the school. Please note our term dates differ from those on the NCC website. A full list of our term dates is available on our website www.moultonschool.co.uk/dates.

I hope your child is looking forward to joining us at Moulton School but should you have any queries or concerns regarding your child’s transition please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs L Punter

Head of Sixth Form