Meet Our Head Boy and Head Girl


Hello, my name is Charlie and I now have the privilege of being Head Boy at Moulton School.

I have been a student here at Moulton since the beginning of Year 7. I joined Year 7 with the three other students from my primary school being almost the only three people I knew. At first I was worried about this new start, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. In my five years at this school, through involving myself with our excellent Student Leadership programme, representing the school in sports teams, becoming a Head Teacher’s Ambassador and so much more, I can proudly say that Moulton has made me into the person I am today. Right from the beginning of Year 7, every single student was presented with a vast array of opportunities, ranging from sports teams and extra-curricular activities to our Student Leadership programme. These not only allowed us to get involved with things we love, but they gave us the opportunity to discover new things, meet new people and develop new skills. Moulton’s warm, friendly, welcoming environment made it incredibly easy to settle in and within weeks I had made some of the best friends I had ever made, many of which I’m happy to say have continued on to our Sixth form.

Choosing to stay on at Moulton for further studies was an easy decision for me. I had always been provided with a safe, comfortable learning environment, surrounded by great teachers and fantastic classmates. I am now in my first year of Sixth form here, studying Psychology and Sociology (two new subjects to me) alongside Geography as my A-Level subjects. Although I myself had been at Moulton for previous years, it was easy to tell that those joining from other schools settled in quickly, in a fresh start for everyone. The environment we have here in Sixth form is very different to main school; our classes are smaller, giving us more focused lessons and we’re given lots of independence in how we utilise our study periods. On top of this, our Sixth form is a very respectful and happy place in which every student thrives.

With my new role as Head Boy, I hope to make a positive impact for Sixth form, the school as a whole and those around me. The student voice is one of the best aspects of our Sixth form, with our amazing prefect team and others around us. This student voice provides us with tremendous opportunities to help develop our school, bring the best out of our students and engage with our community. I would like to be more involved with the community that we have around us, help students in younger years with experiences we have only recently been through, and help to provide fellow students with the same opportunities that have been presented to me. With this new role, I hope that I can have an overall positive impact and give back to the school which has given me so much in previous years.


Hello, my name is Katie and I am so excited to be the Head Girl at Moulton School. I’m looking forward to seeing how myself and the prefects will change the school for the better.

Since Year 7 I have been involved with the Student Leadership Team and, in Year 11, I was selected as one of the Head Teacher’s Ambassadors where I was able to attend Open Evenings, create informative videos for different years, and go to primary schools to give the students an insight into what it’s like at Moulton. This demonstrates the importance of our Student Leadership Programme as it has allowed me and many others to have a voice in our school, and have an active role in developing areas that need improvement. Also, most importantly, it has enabled us to give our own opinions about how we think the school should be run. Aside from this, Moulton has provided the perfect environment for me to grow as a person, and it has shaped me into who I am today along with the guidance of the fantastic members of staff who have always been there to support and advise me.

Despite having a different last few years due to COVID, the school has adapted in many ways to deal with the changes everyone has faced by becoming flexible and even more understanding. I think that learning through online lessons and everyone’s ability to return to some sense of normality, provides evidence that we, as part of the community at Moulton, are determined to persevere no matter the circumstances which is key to acknowledge especially through the tough times that many are still facing. Even though our year had to transition to sixth form during this period, those within the school made the process as smooth as it could be considering how big the jump is from main school. Despite the challenges, the majority of students settled in quickly, but to ensure everyone feels comfortable for future years, I hope to set up a ‘Q&A’ style session with younger pupils who wish to move up to sixth form, so they have the chance to ask any questions they would like in order to reduce the stress that naturally accompanies this change. However, the staff in particular have made the transition for me so easy and the integration into sixth form has allowed me to become more independent and improve important skills which will aid me for university.

Using my experiences both inside and outside of school, I aim to strengthen the community we already have at Moulton, with one of my objectives being to encourage sixth formers to get more involved with main school and the Hub. This is something that I have already started by attending the Gardening Club after school on Tuesdays, and by meeting with Mrs Price to set up certain days where sixth formers will help out at the Hub at lunch. Also, another success has been the Books2Africa campaign, which the Senior Prefects organised for World Book Day, where hundreds of books were collected from main school students. Additionally, another focus of mine is mental health, as I understand how important this is particularly for pupils who may feel pressured by the high standards that may be set for them. I want to make this a priority because it is becoming an increasing problem which has worsened as a result of the pandemic, and therefore is a key issue to address. I hope to do this with my plan for a smoother transition to Year 12, and, by emphasising the importance of the problem through more clubs and activities.

Working towards improving these areas and resolving other key issues will be my main aim as Head Girl, and I look forward to having the chance to work with those around me to achieve this.